Fall 2009

  • PHYS 521 - Quantum Mechanics (3)
    Professor: Dr. Christian Parigger

    Fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, angular momentum, electron spin, particles in electric and magnetic fields, perturbation theory, variational methods, scattering theory; second quantization, quantization of electromagnetic field, emission, absorption, and scattering of light, bremsstrahlung, pair creation and annihilation. Application of quantum mechanics to problems of atomic, molecular, nuclear, and solid state physics.

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

  • PHYS 531 - Classical Mechanics (3)
    Professor: Dr. Christian Parigger

    Classical particle dynamics, variational formulation, Lagrangeís and Hamiltonís equations, conservation laws, central-force problems and scattering, small oscillations, rigid-body motion, constraints.
Master of Science (Materials Science) - University of Tennessee

Summer 2008

Spring 2008

  • MSE 576 - Nanomaterials, Nanostructures AND Nanosensors (3)
    Professor: Dr. Jacqueline Anne Johnson

    Introduction to fundamentals of nanomaterials. This course covers the fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, nanostructures and nanosensors.
  • MSE 516 - Mechanical Metallurgy (3)
    Professor: Dr. Peter K. Liaw (UT-Knoxville)

    Fracture (theoretical cohesive strength, stress-concentration factor, notch-strengthening, external variables affecting fracture, nomenclature of fracture process), Mechanics of fracture (Griffith theory, stress analysis of cracks, design philosophy, relation between energy rate and stress-field approach, crack-tip plastic zone estimation, fracture-mode transition, plane-strain fracture-toughness testing, fracture toughness of engineering alloys, fracture-toughness determination and elastic-plastic analysis with the J-integral), Fatigue crack propagation behavior.

  • Download selected notes from the coursework

    Presentations made:

                > Laser Shock Peening of Bulk Metallic Glasses - Part I
                > Laser Shock Peening of Bulk Metallic Glasses - Part II
                > Laser Shock Peening of Bulk Metallic Glasses - Final Report

  • PHYS 503 - Independent Study : Physics Seminar (1)
    Professor: Dr. Ying-Ling Chen

    Physics seminar presentations of current topics by students, faculty, and invited speakers.

  • Presentation made:

                > Weather & Climate

Fall 2007

  • PHYS 506 - Experimental Methods (3)
    Professors: Dr. Lloyd Davis, Dr. Christian Parriger and Dr. Ying-Ling Chen

    Introduction to experimental methods of spectroscopy through hands on operation of FTIR, Raman, NMR, photo-electron, laser and mass spectrometers. Principles and hazards of cw and pulsed lasers, radiation detectors, photomultiplier tubes, image intensifiers, image converters; high-vacuum systems including cryogenic based devices, data acquisition techniques including lock-in amplifiers, box-car integrators, digital electronics methods and micro-computer data acquisition.
  • MSE 512 - Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering - II (3)
    Professor: Dr. William H. Hofmeister

    Physical properties: electrical and thermal conduction, elementary quantum physics, band theory, dielectric materials, magnetic and optical properties. Mechanical behavior: stress and strain at a point, elastic constitutive equations, phenomenological bulk behavior, and deformation mechanisms.
Summer 2007

  • PHYS 605 - Advanced Topics: Laser Spectroscopy (3)
    Professor: Dr. Christian Parriger

    Applications of lasers to spectroscopy of atomic and molecular systems; absorption, laser-induced fluorescence, and Raman spectroscopy; molecular and atomic coherence, quantum beats, resonance fluorescence, photon echoes, self-induced transparency; saturation and Doppler-free spectroscopy; laser cooling and trapping.

  • Presentations made in the class:

                > Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
                > Polarization Spectroscopy
                > Industrial Applications of LIBS


Spring 2007

  • MSE 511 - Fundamentals of Materials Science & Engineering - I (3)
    Professor: Dr. William H. Hofmeister

    Chemical bonding, structures, defects, scattering, thermodynamics, diffusion, phase diagrams, microstructures, and phase transformations.
  • MSE 515 - Physical Metallurgy - Diffusion and Phase Transformations (3)
    Professor: Dr. Anthony J. Pedraza (retired)

  • AE 595 - Aerospace Engineering Seminar (1)
    Professor: Dr. Ahmad Vakili

    Seminars in all phases of Aerospace Engineering, reports on current research at UTK and UTSI.

Fall 2006

  • PHYS 507 - Comtemporary Optics (3)
    Professor: Dr. Lloyd Davis

    Topics in geometrical, physical, Fourier, and nonlinear optics and introductory laser physics. Extensive use of computer calculations and design of practical and sophisticated optical systems - Zemax software.

    Zemax Project

                > Tolerance Analysis
                > Final Report

  • PHYS 555 - Solid States Physics (3)
    Professor: Dr. Christian Parriger

    Elementary solid state physics, crystal structures, reciprocal lattice, bonding in solids, energy bands, semiconductors, phonons, free-electron-gas theory of metals, superconductivity, magnetism, and other forms of broken symmetry.

    Assigments submitted:

                > Home Work 1,2,3,4 and 5
                > SSP-Assignment A and B

  • PHYS 593 - Independent Study : Physics Seminar (1)
    Professor: Dr. Christian Parriger

    Physics seminar presentations of current topics by students, faculty, and invited speakers.
  • Technical Communication (0)
    Professor: Dr. Mary McLemore
    (Motlow State Community College)

    This is a special course designed for scientists and engineers, and it reviews the most important aspects of clear communication, with an emphasis on organization and coherence. It covers the principles of logic, grammar, and style as they apply to technical documents, especially proposals, theses, and dissertations.

Bachelor of Technology - National Institute of Technology, Trichy (detailed curriculum)

2001 - 2004

  • Physical Metallurgy
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics
  • Transport Phenomenon
  • Phase Transformation
  • Electrical, Electronic & Magnetic Materials
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Iron and Steel Making
  • Composites & Polymers
  • Welding Engineering
  • Mechanical behavior of materials
  • Non-ferrous Extraction
  • Foundry Engineering
  • Non-ferrous Physical Metallurgy
  • Metal Forming
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • NDT and Failure Analysis
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Heat treatment
  • Experimental techniques