Physical Metallurgy

List of topics to be covered
  1. Fick's first and second laws of diffusion.
  2. Entropy, Single component system, Clausius-Clapeyron equation.
  3. Solidification, Ideal and binary solutions, Free energy calculation, Activity, Real solutions.
  4. Ordered phases, Intermediate phases, Equilibrium in heterogenous systems
  5. Simple phase diagram, Systems with a miscibility gap, ordered alloys, Gibbs phase rule
  6. Effect of temperature on solid solubility, equilibrium vacancy concentration
  7. Influence of interfaces on equilibrium, Ternary equilibrium, kinetics of phase transformations
  8. Diffusion in dilute alloys (analysis of relaxation, resonance technique, correlation effect, impurity diffusion coefficient, diffusion with traps)
  9. Diffusion in a concentration gradient (Darken's equation, Gibbs Duhem equation)
  10. Diffusion controlled growth (solution of precipitates, planar precipitates, proeutectoid ferrite)
  11. Martensitic transformation and its characteristics, Shape change in martensitic transformation
  12. Massive transformation
  13. Nucleation (homogenous, heterogenous, Becker-Doring theory, nucleation at grain boundaries, nucleation at a three-grain junction)
  14. Precipitation sequence (Guinier-Preston zones, various theta precipitates, etc.)
  15. Phase transformation (general theory, problems with the theory, Zener's method, etc.)