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    Research Articles

        Research articles from our laboratory and around the world.

  • Laser Coatings
  •     We use our patented technology called as Laser Induced Surface Improvement (LISITM) for producing coatings on metallic materials and graphite. We are presently working on surface coatings for graphite.

  • Laser Freeform Fabrication
  •     We developed two laser based freeform fabrication methods for high melting point materials. One method uses a fiber laser and a specially designed nozzle to make three-dimensional objects without turning the laser off. The second method uses a Nd:YAG laser to make three-dimensional objects on axis-symmetric conductive materials (e.g., graphite rod).

  • Laser Machining
  •     We use a femtosecond laser to machine various different types of materials, but my primary work is on machining fused silica for device fabrication. This is part of my PhD thesis. The ultimate goal is to develop addressable gold nanoneedles on a biological device for biolgical/biomedical engineering applications like chemotaxis.