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07 July 2015

You are frustrated because you made an account on and would like to delete it, but you cannot. Am I right? If you answered yes, welcome to the club as you are not the only one! There are literally thousands of people like you who are in a similar situation.

It's really aggravating that you can create an account on and do everything you want, but close/cancel or deactivate your account. While most large and successful businesses allow users to freely deactivate or cancel their accounts if they want to, stands out as an exception. In order to close your account, you have to email something called "member relations" with your login and email address. Whatever the heck is member relations, but it's Media Enquiries in their contact us page (, see the screenshots below. In the contact us page, you need to fill in all the details: name, email, phone number, city, reason for contacting us and query. Otherwise, you cannot submit your request.

What happens after your request is submitted remains a mystery as Sulekha's customer service is equally tainted (actually they did reply after this review was put up, see below). Don't expect more, this is the best that you can do when it comes to contacting Sulekha for support. And, these requests are honored once in a blue moon, so just chill out and stop biting your nails (or may be you can also write a review). If you are a lawyer, you may have a better solution, but if you're not, you can go to and log a complaint. I have seen some queries on being answered by some random Sulekha customer support representatives. If it's your day (or year), you'll be heard and your account will be closed. If you have anything to share or you need to vent your anger, please do so below (LOL). BTW, please do read other complaints on and, looks like Sulekha has a lot to deal with. Until next time, please be careful and refrain from going to Please read below for follow up and other updates.

Follow up from

I got fortunate and Sulekha responded to my account deletion request. The response came from Team Sulekha with the email address However, they only responded, but didn't actually cancel the account, see below a screenshot of their email. Looks like they are sending out a generic email to everyone requesting account deletion to provide with email id, phone and reason for account deletion. I provided them with these info in the very first request I made through their Contact Us webpage, but they want it again. Dealing with a classified website is usually not a big deal as you are free to edit/modify/delete your posts and account (Craigslist for example). Sulekha's policy on we-wont-let-our-users-close-their-account-we-love-them-so-much is very frustrating and it sends a wrong message. It appears to me (may be I am wrong) that they sell users' personal information to telemarketers. In fact, there are telemarketing companies that pay a lot of money to classified websites like Sulekha to get user database and that too country-specific for niche targeting. Do you live in the US, Canada, UK or Australia? If so, your phone number and email address were sold for $1, congratulations! On further reading over the internet, I found cases where people started getting phone calls from insurance, travel, and real estate telemarketing companies without even requesting. That's the magic of Sulekha, it just read your mind that you may need these services.

Sulekha has now become a white elephant, LOL. It is among the top 1000 most visited websites based on Alexa statistics.

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