Industrial Applications of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

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Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, LIBS, applications, laser spectroscopy

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Industrial Applications of LIBS
Seminar by Deepak Rajput
PHYS 605 Advanced Topics: Laser Spectroscopy
July 10, 2007
Center for Laser Applications
University of Tennessee Space Institute
Tullahoma, TN 37388

* Metals and Alloys Processing

* Scrap Material Sorting and Recycling

* Nuclear Power Generation and Spent Fuel Reprocessing

Metals and Alloys Processing
* Slag Analysis

* Liquid Steel Analysis

* Identification of Pipe Fittings

?../ Slag Analysis
* Thumb Rule: ?The quality of steel is determined by the quality of slag !!?

* Reduces analysis time by ~40%

* Superseded: XRF Spectroscopy

?../ Liquid Steel Analysis
* Goal: To receive a fast elemental analysis of the steel composition. (e.g., HSLA steel, Stainless Steel, etc.)

* Reduces analysis time by ~50%

* Superseded: Spark OES

?../ Identification of pipe fittings
* Corrosion: The biggest problem in oil and gas companies.

* Variety of steel grades are used in these companies

* Mismatch in pipes can lead to corrosion with severe consequential damage

* Laser Identification of Fitting and Tubes (LIFT) is used.

* Superseded: Spark OES
Scrap Material Sorting and Recycling
* Segregation of brominated plastics from non-brominated plastics

* Sorting of metal alloys by grade type or group

* Sorting of technical glasses according to their chemical composition

Strengths of LIBS

* Rapid

* Accurate

* Reliable