.CO Domain Renewal Failure | Death of .CO Extension | End of .CO ccTLD

July 10, 2011
Tennessee, USA

I must agree that .CO domain extension was overly-hyped by registrars such as GoDaddy. Although I suspected it during the launch of .CO, I ended up buying 10 odd domains. Now the time has come to renew these domains, but I am still wondering if I should take a chance or not. Unfortunately, there's no coupon available for GoDaddy, and I have kind of started to believe that this was my worst ever investment. I wonder what would happen to guys who bought hundreds of .CO domains. Would they renew their domains? I kind of doubt. I have seen some guys selling their .CO domains on ebay and flippa for just $1 per domain.

Is it safe to assume that .CO era has already ended? or should one more chance be taken?